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As we know lots of web-services relies on user-data especially when we talk about local knowledge. Obviously that data is shared among the users and helps a lot with local places, unfortunately that data is not “free”.

Well, it is free to find it in the internet but is not provided in a free way. It will be either linked with Ads or with a Tracking system. It might not be a big deal for you but the issue that you can’t use information collected from you in a way you want.

Imagine your favorite app which works with offline maps or data, it won’t be able to display the reviews, no matter how important they are for you. Data is not “free” comparing to OpenStreetMap data. That should be changed!


Build an open like OpenStreetMap / Wikipedia reviews platform for places!


  • Build a community
  • Build a moderator platform
  • Connect Apps to display Reviews and to contribute new into the platform
  • Build a decentralized platform aka Blockchain so anybody can view, contribute & connect
  • Find ways of monetization to make project sustainable (once all previous steps are successful)

Discussion is open!
Please feel free to comment and start discussion over. It doesn’t matter how much information will be written in a first place if we fail to build a community that will let Open Geo Reviews happen. Feel free to write about any aspect or question you have.

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Open Questions to discuss

  • Do we need wiki?
  • Do we need forum / chat / system?
  • Do you want to participate in comments moderation?
  • How can we link the reviews / business permanent id with OpenStreetMap?
  • What things to do first and what to do next :slight_smile:

Victor Shcherb
Founder of OsmAnd


The English Telegram channel doesn’t seem to exist.


Renamed to - https://t.me/openplacereviews