Public Alpha release - Update #18


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Last update was more than a month ago and we spent a lot of time to debug and troubleshoot all issues that we encountered with scaling solution to our target of 2 000 000 changes a day. Finally we’ve managed to run it and we’re extremely happy to announce it. It concludes our phase #1.

So what we have so far

What’s next
Next we need to make use of blockchain.

Backend work phase #2

  1. Upload region boundaries and main cities into blockchain. Maintain them in blockchain and index all places by region
  2. Create api to filter places by type
  3. Create main challenges API - a way to populate data to public blockchain
  4. Create clubs/communities API that will be guide changes in certain regions

Mobile app phase #2

  1. See all places on the map
  2. Filter places by types
  3. Download / cache / update places by region
  4. Register / join local community
    4.1 Publish links to discussion groups
    4.2 Manage OSM imports to specific region
  5. Participate challenges:
    5.1 Upload places photos
    5.2 Populate place data sets
    5.3 Check if place is still open or not, check its name
    5.4 Associate place with public ids from Yelp, TripAdvisor

Few questions & answers

  • Can I use it today?
    No you can’t do it cause there is no front end application, it is only blockchain available and so far it doesn’t have any other users that have writing permission except osm-sync bot. So you can use only blockchain data & API to replicate but you can’t insert any data unless you install a local testnet.

  • When I can participate and how?
    Once we create several challenges you will be able to correct mapping errors and fix merging process. You will also be able to populate changes about places into OpenStreetMap via OpenPlaceReviews.

  • What could be my motivation in early phase of the project?
    Help OpenStreetMap become better with places such as to create and maintain permanent place id, attach photos to places, link with other projects such as Wikidata, Tripadvisor, Yelp.
    We plan to do regular imports into OSM based on region in order to follow OSM Import guidelines which I will present & discuss at SOTM 2019

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