Other OSM review platforms


Do you plan to cooperate with other review platforms in the OSM bubble? Maps.Me has for example their own review platform and there is also lib.reviews which can connect reviews to OSM objects. It would be a bit of a pity to have several review platforms.


I think there was talk about maps.me cooperation, and Victor is looking into that other one (mentioned in the telegram group)


Hey, it’s wonderful to see other efforts in this space. I worked on lib.reviews almost full-time for a year or so, but am currently unable to dedicate much time to it. One thing I wanted to point out is another related project I’ve worked on, https://freeyourstuff.cc/ , which is a Chrome extension that lets you download your reviews and similar content from sites you’ve contributed to (using a per-site plugin architecture).

The Yelp and TripAdvisor plugins in particular could be relevant to help users import their reviews into OpenGeoReviews.