OpenPlaceReviews Week #12-13


Hi All,

This is an update for last 2 weeks. There were quite intensive for backend development (47 files changed, 4897 insertions(+), 1973 deletions(-)).

The good news version 0.2 is ready to test (backend part). We are striving to get the frontend part ready this week and it will be available at standard dev server

Version 0.2 is the final generic part and it covers security, identity, login/signup, API, replication, backup aspects. And it is ready to test :slight_smile: I also updated technical documentation -, feel free to check internals.

So version 0.3 which is targeted just in 2 month will be related to Places, OSM, crawlers and specific things of our project.

It is still long way to go but each step is making the goal closer. Unfortunately, every building starts with quite technical foundation, where you can’t see shiny windows, nice doors, amazing wallpapers. Though we are very enthusiastic and committed, so we decided to start with proper foundation first.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

Best Regards,


It sounds like you guys are putting a lot of work behind the scenes. I can’t imagine how much work has to be done. Im not a developer so I cant offer much help there or I would.

Thanks for the updates


Yes, we are doing base development but hopefully soon we will switch to frontend development.

So, far next big task will be already visible - integration with osm but and after that we will need community help.