OpenPlaceReviews Week #11


Hi All,

For last 2 weeks, there was significant progress made on the Blockchain part and there are some UI changes.

I will prepare a separate Topic about main Blockchain concept which will be behind the whole project. It is a main part of the project and it will serve for:

  • Persistance
  • Validation
  • Replication
  • Transparency
  • Traceability

So, far it remains quite generic but sooner we plan to introduce specific operations for Open Place Reviews.

User interface progress could be visible on and mainly it was about signup procedure and monitoring tools for blockchain part. The signup / login has been polished and now it sends a verification email after signup, so we can keep all users updated about changes.

I would like to answer the question about production phase, when we finally have something ready for end-users. I would like to be clear that we have 4 very different development directions which could be progressed almost at the same time:

  • Blockchain - (API, DB, Persistence, Scalability, User registration)
  • Administration - part of website to monitor current situation and to make decisions for the platform (voting / discussions)
  • Crawlers (API) - bots that will keep updated information from OpenStreetMap and all other sources
  • Moderation (Mobile & Website) - assignments that could be performed by moderators to review places and moderate review themselves

In order to properly run in production we need all 4 directions to be present, so far only 2 are in active development. So the answer about when we go to production, will really depend what value it will bring. It looks like Moderation will come as a last step and before that it will be active phase of development & decision making. Please feel free to contribute or participate if you feel interested.

We are now actively looking for new developers and we hope to speed up development in all directions pretty soon.

Best Regards,