OpenPlaceReviews - Update #20 (First public editing on dev blockchain)


Hi All,

We are testing out possibility to add information to blockchain along with signup / login procedure on

Please feel free to signup and add TripAdvisor links to Places

The information will be added to the operations queue ( and later added to the block (( The report is regenerated every 10 minutes, so the changes won’t be available instantly but with a delay.

The idea behind that to maintain Unique Permanent Id for a place and connect other systems as well. We plan to add other systems, like, Wikidata, Yelp, so links will be kept in sync.

Feel free to share your thoughts in comments or in Telegram groups.

Best Regards,


Some TripAdvisor links are already set on OSM by tag contact:tripadvisor. Moreover I suggest to change TLDs to “com” instead of “nl”, “it” and so on and to remove everything after the gXXXXXX-dXXXXXX code as it is useless