OpenPlaceReviews - Update #19


Hi All,

This might be the longest update and it took over 2 months. it doesn’t mean that development has stopped though it was focused on 2 things:

  1. Presentation for OpenStreetMap conference (
  2. Finishing Admin panel for OpenPlaceReviews

In order to share results, let me first of all say what is a current status. As of now there is no public registration at Blockchain yet. Alpha-registration got cancelled and it was decided to release it once we have some activities to do on the website.
Blockchain is successfully running in readonly mode for last 2 months and only administrators can add operations. It synchronizes all OpenStreetMap amenities with Blockchain and so far more than 1000 blocks is created. You can browse at

What I can see today?

  1. - readonly main blockchain explorer that synchronizes all amenities. Also you can access Public APIs like (tiles a bit slow now, we’re going to change service in future). Also we’re going to add other Public APIs to check which places has recently changed and so on
  2. - development blockchain. Feel free to get access to all features with this login credentials.
    User: openplacereviews:test_1
  3. Updated android mobile app ( ). It doesn’t have any features except simple browse place feature with context menu. We’re working on it together with registration.

What are next steps?

  1. Finish Login / Signup API
  2. Add simple Web and Mobile Signup / Login screens
  3. Introduce a simple instrument to check whether OSM Permanent ID is properly maintained in Blockchain and add auditing tools to correct algorithm errors.
  4. Add API to save Favorite places from Mobile App in Blockchain.

Please feel free to ask any question in our telegram channels:

Best Regards,