OpenPlaceReviews Update #16


Hi All,

There are some exciting news to share and here is update #16.



  1. We’ve updated the website landing and refreshed our Logo
  2. We prepared an investor page which explains in details how the system could operate in a long term. It was very helpful to get into details what exactly the goal and how we are going achieve it.
  3. Today it is possible to login, signup, view & update details of the profile.

We are still fixing small issues with urls to make it useful and easy to interact with.


  1. Quite a lot of changes related to “Edit Object” operation on blockchain. We want to achieve a simple, signed, atomic and very tiny by size operation to edit a place. We estimate that 1 place will be take about 1KB space on blockchain, so we want to edit fields by not submitting full object content and only doing delta changes.
  2. We’ve finished IPFS integration and it works as expected. So now we can store and maintain POI related images on blockchain.
  3. We did some improvements to shorten time for 15M Places import from 30 days to 40 hours and we plan to shorten it even to 5-6 hours. So this is task in progress.
  4. We are finishing work to provide History API. It is very useful to understand who, when and what was changed in the past. It is also important to show the full object history.

Future tasks:

  1. Build a proposal system. It is already designed and reviewed and it will be picked up in development this week. This is last biggest change planned for our Minimum Viable Product. All other changes will be UI related.
  2. UI should be able to display maps and display place information that is stored in blockchain.
  3. Run a final import of 15M POI places.
  4. We need to accommodate our built features such as a nested object structure and custom indexes with API for the new blockchain edit operations. Hopefully it is a small task cause the main changes were already prepared and pull-requests are almost ready to merge.

Best Regards,