OpenPlaceReviews Update #14


Hi All,

Recent News shortly:

A little bit more description about each item.

Blockchain Explorer
Blockchain explorer turned out to be more difficult then we planned but we starting to build a dynamic configuration system. It means that entities description and information about its rendering actually stored on chain. We plan to have rich control over ui on chain which will help to build documentation on chain via proposals / voting mechanism.

Sign up / login
We have sign up & login functioning on dev site, please free to try though we don’t have implemented sign out functionality. One of the main principle that login and signup are special operations on chain and they need to be properly formed with a right signature. Sign out actually means to delete a session key which is stored on chain. I hope in 3 weeks it will be ready to rollout even to main site with new landing page design.

Architectural changes
Right now amount information to store on chain is limited and we need to import around 10 GB data about places. Also later we need to be able to attach information about places such as reviews and images. Obviously reviews need to be stored on chain and images could be stored offchain. Though it means quite a lot of data and we are considering to have a distributed (clustered) storage even for on chain data. Of course, it would be easier if we can use same database for on chain and off chain data.

So, now we are experimenting with several options:

  • Postgresql + nosql storage listed below
  • Casssandra
  • HDFS
  • File based distributed storage (GlusterFS, ZFS, …)
  • IPFS

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

Best Regards,